1. Polly Amorous

From the recording Animal Communicator

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Words & Music: Robin Bienemann
Guitar & Lead Vocal: Robin Bienemann
Bass: Elias Broxham
Drums: Jerry King


Polly keeps her lovers on her phone to remember
How they sound when she’s traveling or home all alone.
She records them on a voice memo or her camera.
She’s got a lot of lovers. She’s Polly Amorous.

Well Polly’s not a S - L -U - T just because she
Hasn’t got a policy of exclusivity.
Before we say “Shame on Polly”, shame on us.
So she’s got a lot of lovers, she’s Polly Amorous.

Raise your hand if you believe that Polly doesn’t need
To tie monogamy with happiness.
Good! It’s unanimous, ‘cause Polly doesn’t buy it.
She’s unapologetically Polly Amorous.

Well, Polly gets to live however Polly chooses.
One lover pays the bills, and another one amuses her.
She’s not less moral; she’s more or less,
Just got a lot of lovers. She’s Polly Amorous.

Well maybe she’ll find some dude some day
With whom she’ll want to tie the knot.
From what I know about Polly,
It’s possible, but, probably not.

Well, Polly wants a cracker with some caviar.
And then she’ll go to dim sum with a different gentleman.
Polly’s not a damsel in distress, she’s just
Got a lot of lovers. She’s Polly Amorous.